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Company Overview

Established by senior loss management experts with a combined total of more than 100 years’ experience, Focussed Loss Management set out to become trusted loss management partners with leading motor vehicle fleet operators, insurers and insurance brokers.

We recognised that tightening regulations and increasingly demanding consumers are driving the need for specialist end-to-end loss management support. We also saw how new digital technologies can be harnessed to simplify and clarify the process to ensure positive and pragmatic outcomes for all.

Delivered by a growing team of professional administrators, expert assessors and IT specialists who share a passion for simplicity, efficiency and transparency, Focussed Loss Management is all about facilitating consensus around outcome-focussed decisions that keep everyone happier in the long run.

Base in Brisbane, we now serve a growing number of loyal clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Why partner with us?

The specialists at Focussed Loss Management understand what matters most when it comes to managing losses for motor vehicle fleet operators, insurers and brokers. Positive outcomes depend on the ability for vehicle owners, drivers, insurers and repairers to quickly reach consensus around the fastest, fairest and most cost-effective way to manage losses arising from motor vehicle accidents.

As specialists in this space, we have adapted leading edge digital technology to create a transparent decision support tool, which is evidence based, and easily accessible to all parties and kept fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

Our customer service specialists operate to the industry’s highest service standards, combining deep know-how with friendly and positive attitudes.

Easy access to information and simple online processes minimise effort and risk of errors, driver faster turn-around and deliver cost efficiencies at all stages of the process.

When required we provide 3rd party representation for litigation, where our success is underpinned by the documented transparency and objectivity of our assessments and claims management approach.

For rental fleet owners looking for a complete end-to-end loss management solution we partner with insurance specialist Insurenet, with seamless data sharing that minimises costs, ensures rapid repairs and successful claim settlements.

Switching to Focussed Loss Management is easy and seamless, with all the details overseen by our specialist teams whose first priority is to keep this easy, simple and efficient for our clients

So why not get in touch to see how we might be able to make loss management simpler, easier and more cost effective for you?

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