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As a leading specialist innovators Focussed Loss Management has partnered with the developers of 360Globalnet to develop a digital loss management interface that is configurable for all types of tailored applications for managing motor vehicle assessments and claims.

The online digital interface enables remote upload of all relevant information from any smart digital device, including photo and video evidence needed for accurate independent assessments.

Links are issued by text or email to seamlessly enable real time web-access to all relevant parties, who can then download independent assessment reports and manage key functions like the authorisation of repairs via the interface.

The ability to configure forms for written inputs to align with client’s existing systems is key. This enables a single, user-friendly point of data capture to populate all necessary databases through API integration.

As a whole-of-life vehicle fleet management system, FLM’s digital interface can also enable legal acknowledgement of existing vehicle condition for rental fleet operators, assuring compliance and avoiding disputes.

Finally, the rich vehicle-based data records enable a wide range of analysis around risks and costs associated with vehicle types, driver profiles, or whatever else may be relevant to enhancing the overall cost efficiency or fleet operations or insurance.

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