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End-to-end loss management
that reduces costs and
sustains customer loyalty.

Focussed Loss Management delivers end to end, life of vehicle claims management support for motor vehicle insurers that ensures more rapid and accurate assessments, lowers claims management costs and better settlement outcomes.

We support stronger customer and repairer relationships by assuring evidence-based objectivity and facilitating a smoother, more transparent flow of information between all parties involved.

We enable insurers to increase the speed and efficiency of their response to claims by taking responsibility for all aspects of loss management, including

  • regulatory and contractual compliance
  • transparency and objectivity of decision making
  • efficiency and consistency of claims and repair management
  • detailed analysis and reporting of costs, risks and performance

Delivering faster
assessments and securing
better settlement outcomes

Focussed Loss Management outsources administrative functions based on a unique combination of online technology, specialist know-how and shared commitment to realising positive outcomes.

Assessments are initiated when clients upload digital photographs or, for complex repairs, detailed quotations submitted via a standard job costing form.

Independent assessment is informed via online access to vehicle repair databases and reports are issued to drivers or third parties where required.

The online claims management system supports clearly documented approval of quotes for initiation of repairs.

For multi-vehicle incidents where settlement or not-at-fault recovery may be required, Focussed Loss Management administers a financial resolution that is best for our clients.

Data captured by Focussed Lost Management can be analysed and reported in a wide variety of ways to enable smarter business decision making around claims management protocols and policies.

Keep customers happier
with faster, more transparent
claims management

Speed and efficiency of assessment with less up-front disputes and risk of down-stream complaints improves customer relations and supports a stronger reputation for reliable service.

For rental fleet insurers, the ability to minimise costs while also meeting client’s demands for rapid vehicle repair or replacement supports strong margins while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ensuring legal compliance minimises reputational risks and legal costs, while full documentation of processes and transparency around objective decision-making increases loss recovery rates and improves settlement outcomes.

We improve integration with preferred repairer systems and protocols to minimise issues and ensure more speedy repairs.

We support best risk-management practices by ensuring more consistency of loss management outcomes and enabling better anticipation of costs.

For rental fleet operators we also ensure better customer outcomes based on trusted, independent assessment of repair costs and streamlined management of settlements.

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